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     Our products are quality.  Our prices are reasonable and sometimes the cheapest on the net! 

Remember: All prices, and item availability are subject to change without notice

Welcome To Cultural Touch LLC

Cultural Touch offers custom designed beadwork and dance outfits at reasonable prices. Feel free to look around our new website. We do offer custom designing, just contact us at the above link.
Most of the beadwork and outfits on these pages are examples of work we have done in the past, if there is something that you see that you like, we can make it for you.
We DO NOT copy another outfit or beadwork, so please do not ask us to, (if it is your own family pattern that is fine), we will however work on a design if you have come up with one, or want us to help you with it.

Location: 287 E 100 S suite 4
Vernal UT 84078
(Located behind the Dodge Dealership in the Hall Building. Turn Right onto 300 E, then turn right once you pass the dealership lot. There is a Tang So Do sign on the building.)

* We are closed, but if there is something you need, or have an order to put in we are open by appointment only.
**If you make an appointment to meet with us on Sunday or Saturday, please make that appointment. If you are more then 15 minutes late, without a phone call or text letting us know you are on your way, we will consider your appointment canceled. If you have 2 consecutive appointments that are canceled due to "no-show" then you will have to come in during regular business hours.

Phone: 435-781-1119
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