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Tired of other places telling you to pick up your order?
We understand our customers, YES we will ship to you, even international!


Ready for a custom order?

Fill out the form below, when we receive your order, we will email you back to clarify your order if we have questions. Then once everything is set we will send you a first invoice for the deposit for the custom order. Once we receive that payment, we will then send you a e-mail with any further questions we may have.

Will we need measurements for your order?

YES! we prefer that the items you order fit you. We wouldn't want you to order something too small or too big. We have created a page for you, as a reference, to give us your measurements.

Click here to see measurements needed

For fringe colors available in ribbon please see our Ribbon Colors Page

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Don't forget to check out the "Frequently Asked Questions" page.

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