Do we need them? YES!

We prefer that the items you order be custom made to you( or the little that you are ordering for), and we do not do a mass product sizing. These outfits are all about you and what you want and prefer. So, we ask that you do your best when answering the questions below and measuring.

Please note: If you are a dancer that wears shorts, t-shirts, etc. under your dance outfit, please take the measurements with the same type of clothing on. If you send us skin tight measurements, your outfit will be the same. Also, please do not "add" inches to your measurements. You will have an order that may not fit right.

We have included graphics to help you during the measuring process. They are posted below the order form. The body measurements graphic is clickable to open in a larger window for easier viewing. Be sure to read the area that needs measured.

**The form needed is at the bottom of this page**

Clicking on any of these graphics will open them into a new window so you can see them easier.

Body Measurements

Body Measurements

Measurements for Custom Orders

Please use the images to send us your measurements. If you have any questions please let us know.

When measuring please indicate your measurements as follows: A=5'2" B=32" and so on.
MEASUREMENT INSTRUCTIONS: Get exact measurement flat on the body, record in inches. Do not add any allowance to your measurement. If possible wear a proper bra or body enhancing undergarments before taking measurements, preferably any that you wear during dancing.
Female/Male Use descriptions for measuring.
B=Shoulder to Waist
C=Back Neck to below calf
D=Waist to below Calf
E=Waist (around)
F1=Shoulder to Elbow
F2=Shoulder to Wrist
G=Back Width (shoulder to shoulder)
H=Hips (around,fullest part of butt)
I=Arm Span (finger tip to fingertip)
DS=Dress Size(Please indicate Jr, Misses, womans)
SS=Skirt Size(Please indicate Jr, Misses, womans)
NECK=If ordering a choker & drop, please include neck measurement
HEAD=If ordering a headband, please include head measurement
INSEAM=for those wanting/needing pants with order
Cuff Measurements

Cuff Measurements

Please make sure that your cuff starts at the wrist, and ends where you want it to, such as 4" up the arm.
Sometimes we have had people send measurements like 12-15" long,so please double check graphic and measurements.

Leggings Measurements

Leggings Measurements

Be sure to check how long you want these to be. Also,let us know if you want them to close in front, in back or if you want them to sit like a ∩ over the top of the foot, please let us know.

Measurement Form

Please fill out the fields below as accurately as possible. We will be in contact with you if we have questions. Thank you!